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lf you have catalogs, brochures or any other type of sales literature that you need to distribute you need to seriously consider the estimated 15 to 30 million people using the World Wide Web searching for their needs.

lf you have a message to communicate and the Web has crossed your mind then INTERCAT will work for your company.

The INTERCAT multimedia is not the multimedia that you would usually view on the internet with hypertext links and occasional pictures or sound to download. This is a fully active color filled high resolution presentation with sound, graphics, scrolling text integrated in one interactive package.

We create a multimedia presentations that can contain whatever you need to convey. Whether it's products, services or technical literature it can be put into a format that is compressed to such an extent that it can be downloaded from any website or BBS (Bulletin Board Service) in a reasonable amount of time for off-line viewing.

Don't be left out. Multimedia presentations have already proven to be successful in marketing and communicating ideas. Let INTERCAT multimedia catalogs and websites be a part of your successful marketing package.

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